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Our experience in Cyber Security:

  • 100 completed cyber security training courses
  • including > 50 expert-level training courses conducted (e.g., for the Army, Police, Social Security, universities) in the last 3 years
  • > 100 hours of developed cyber security e-learning video courses on behalf of the Armed Forces Cyber Resource Center.

We offer training for experts and offensive teams (red team), defensive teams (blue team) and purple team integrating their work, among others, in the field of:

Network security, security and administration of operating systems, Incident response, Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI), or hardware and software security.


Selected ongoing training courses:
  • Advanced Web Application Security (4 days, 32 hours)
  • Vulnerability search and hardening of network infrastructure (3 days, 24 hours, cyber range formula)
  • Safety Academy (on-demand e-learning course)
  • OSSTMM security expert (on-demand e-learning course)
  • Monitoring and security operations (6 days, 48 hours)
  • Hacking tools (6 days, 48 hours)
  • Safety Tester ( 3 days, 24 hours)
  • Linux System Administration (Ubuntu/Red Hat) (3 days, 24 hours)
  • Creating and managing CERT/CSIRT security incident handling teams (2 days, 16 hours)
  • Mobile systems security (3 days, 24 hours)
  • PCAP packet analysis (5 days, 30 hours)
  • Computer forensics (2 days, 16 hours)
  • OSINT (2 days, 16 hours)


On a daily basis, we cooperate with a network of dozens of experts (Polish and foreign) in the field of cyber security, with many years of professional experience and prestigious industry certifications.

Using the knowledge and experience of our staff, we also provide cyber security training for non-technical teams (so-called security awareness), covering such issues as: cyber threats (phishing, ransomware, malware, social engineering, telephone attacks, spoofing, etc.), secure data processing or methods of unauthorized data acquisition.

Particularly worthy of mention, are the courses we offer on the aforementioned topics, implemented in the formula of cyber range (cyber training ground) and on our own laboratories. Allowing for the implementation of authentic training scenarios and gaining experience and learning from mistakes made.


Our experience in teaching methods and tools used in didactics:

  • > 400 completed trainings for academic teachers on modern teaching methods
  • Including > 6,000 hours of online learning training delivered
  • > 4,500 trained university teachers on selected topics


Methodologists developing and conducting training in the above-mentioned field are people with extensive teaching experience, who develop their knowledge and skills in Poland as well as at foreign universities. The instructors are both practitioners, operating in the commercial market, as well as scientists who can boast academic titles, awards in the field of didactics and publications in prestigious journals.


Selected ongoing training courses:
  • Modern teaching methods
  • Flipped classroom and Blended Learning methods
  • Case study method
  • Webquest + OSINT teaching method
  • Problem-based learning in academic didactics
  • Visual thinking (sketchnoting)
  • Creating e-learning courses in Moodle / Adobe Captivate / Articulate Storyline
  • Creativity in academic work
  • Design Thinking Moderator
  • Creating multimedia presentations
  • Creating and composing infographics and slides
  • Intergenerational communication, Generation Z
  • Feedback or feedback in teaching
  • Gamification in education
  • Data visualization in Tableau


We work on our own proprietary materials and training scenarios using multimedia content, interactive methods, case studies, team exercises and full e-learning courses to support traditional classroom and live online teaching methods.


Even before the outbreak of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, we had already implemented 3,000 hours of remote, hybrid blended methods or Flipped Classroom training.


As early as 2012, we implemented commercial training courses on advanced topics in economics and finance (preparing trainees for state professional licenses) using the Flipped Classroom method based on our proprietary e-learning platform.


Our experience in teaching methods and tools used in didactics:

  • > 300 completed IT training courses
  • > 3,000 trained IT staff but also students and academic teachers


In addition to cyber security training under the Technology category, we provide competency-building training in:
  • Systems design (UML, Enterprise Architect, Visual Paradigm)
  • Designing web and mobile applications (UX, UI, Design Thinking)
  • Programming (in languages such as PHP, JavaScript, C++, Python, Scala, Java)
  • Creating responsive websites (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Apache, Wordpress, SEO)
  • Administration of operating systems (Unix/Linux, Windows/Windows Server, Android)
  • Databases (both in terms of engineering (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle) and data science) including Big Data databases
  • Data Science (programming in R, Python)
  • DevOps (Docker, Kubernetes, Git, Jenkins, Splunk, Ansible)
  • Cloud Computing
  • QA, Testing
  • IT project management (methodologies, Agile, Scrum, tools)

We provide training in business, finance and soft skills to both employees of companies and institutions, as well as students and young graduates planning their own business.

Selected ongoing training courses:
  • Training in analytical thinking and problem solving
  • Self-presentation, public speaking
  • Entrepreneurship and startups
  • Strategic management in universities, Balanced Scorecard
  • Building a Business Model, Business Model Canvas
  • Business analytics (in Excel, Tableau)
  • Financing startups
  • Investment analysis
  • Stockbroker
  • Investment Advisor
  • Business models, business plan basics, starting a business
  • Law for startups, intellectual property, patent law
  • Tax training for universities
  • Project management and project team leadership (methodologies, tools, software)
  • IPMA
  • Scrum
  • Agile
Marketing & Design

As a complement to our business training offer, we implement creative, marketing and design workshops (including the Design Thinking method).


Selected ongoing training courses:
  • Marketing planning and strategies
  • Market research
  • Training in e-marketing, SEM, SEO
  • Content marketing (Wordpress, Copywriting, Web graphics, SEO)
  • Designing products and services using the Design Thinking method
  • Service Design
  • Design of application interfaces (web, mobile)
  • User Experience
  • Social media marketing

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